AG: Apocalypse Girls

Spike - Vapour Trail

Last Shoot: 16/02/2013
First Shoot: 07/12/2007
Total Shoots: 26
Location: Nottingham, UK

Not content with simply watching over proceedings, Mr Apocalypse wanted to get his hands dirty. More used to taking landscape pictures, he's quickly adapted to the stresses of photographing living targets. His weapon of choice is a Canon DSLR, which he lovingly refers to as 'bloody thing', while swearing at the lighting. When not photographing Apocalypse Girls, he masquerades under the project name 'Vapour Trail' and can be found in the Peak District, balanced precariously on high ledges, trying to get good shots. He is a huge fan of Lithium Picnic, and fantasises about being the next Hugh Hefner. With better looking girlfriends, obviously.
56 Zombie Apocalypse
Date: October 2009

By: Group Shoot
Girls: Group Shoot
Stylists: Group Shoot

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