AG: Apocalypse Girls

The AG Founders

Mr Apocalypse

Mr Apocalypse - The Captain

A mysterious figure, Apocalypse Girls was the brain child of Mr Apocalypse. He firmly denies any claims of originality or artistry, preferring instead to enjoy his work. Mr Apocalypse can be found hiding under a black fedora, sipping Bourbon & Coke and listening to the sound of crashing guitars.

Not content with simply watching over proceedings, Mr Apocalypse wanted to get his hands dirty. More used to taking landscape pictures, he's quickly adapted to the stresses of photographing living targets.

Team Apocalypse | Vapour Trail Photography

Mr Monkey

Miss Monkey - The Webmistress

Perched on Mr A's shoulder is a small, hyperactive, purple creature known as Monkey. Joint owner, web designer, and 'brains of the operation', Monkey plans to take over the World. Well, the bits with pretty ladies in it anyway. The Monkey lives entirely on cheese products and very rare steak.

She delved into the modelling world in the early days of this project and has enjoyed creating a vast portfolio. As well as starting up her own web design and hosting business with the original AG Photographer.

Vampiric Monkey | Monkey Perch Studios | Cymbiant Hosting | Monkey Wench

Not Forgetting...

The site would not have come to be without two other people that stuck by the founders even through their squabbles. The designer of the AG logo, the original site design, and therefore the subsequent inspiration for Monkey in the further incarnations Ash of APS Design and the long-suffering original AG photographer Andy of 137 Digital who has been with AG from day 1.

But of course AG wouldn't be here today without all the hard work of all the Girls, Photographers, Makeup Artists and Contributors and of course without the support of all it's viewers. Thank you!

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