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Apocalypse Girls There's problems with alternative modelling. Photographers nowadays seem to like nothing more than taking some ok pictures, then Photoshopping the living Hell out of them, giving you wings, turning you into zombies, putting you in graveyards. Or they want you to get naked. Or both. We at Apocalypse Girls aren't like that. We like pretty girls, not just the ones covered in tattoos or perforated with piercings, but also the ones you see in clubs, at gigs, behind bars, on the number 36 with pink hair listening to Soundgarden. We like models, sure, but we like non-models too. We like real, gorgeous girls who've never thought of modelling; be it because of bitchiness, the attitude, or shagging Pete Doherty. We think Photoshop is great, but wish people would use it more sparingly. We want to showcase hot ladies, we don't have an 'angle' beyond that. We're not artists, we're not originators, and we wish people would stop pretending they are when they're not. Between God, terrorism, global warming and bird flu, the End of the World is extremely fucking nigh. We're just trying to make it a better place.

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