AG: Apocalypse Girls
Amber Foxx

Amber Foxx

Age: 32
Hometown: Leicester
Eyes: Green
Hair: brown/black dreads
Natural Hair: dark blonde/ shoulder length
Dress Size: 10
Bra Size: 34B
Waist: 26"
Hips: 34"

Icon: Audrey Hepburn/ Audrey Kitchen/ Jennifer Parkin
Favourite Colour: it changes
Favourite Food: Sushi
Things I can't live without:
  • *Black eyeliner
  • *Music- jumpstyle/ cyber beats
  • *Chocolate milk
  • *Dancing
  • *S*x
Pet Hates:
  • *Ignorence/ intolerence of others views
  • *Rules and institutions
  • *Jamie oliver
  • *Society
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